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Lamborghini Aventador hits 2,000 production mark Less than two years after its lauLamborghini Aventador hits 2,000 production marknch, Lamborghini has rolled off the 2,000th Aventador from its production line with the landmark car finished in Nero Nemesis and heading to USA

Lamborghini Aventador hits 2,000 production mark

Although the Aventador had all the ingredients of becoming the epitome supercar which every petrolhead would lust for and have its poster pasted on their walls, it wasn’t an easy task for it to fill in the shoes of its highly prolific predecessor, the MurciĆ©lago. Two years down the line it seems that the latest V-12 powered beast from Sant'Agata is on its way to become a legend in its own way as the 2,000th model rolled out of the assembly line. What is more intriguing is the fact that the Aventador (Related: Lamborghini Aventador Roadster road test) reached this landmark figure in less than half the period of its antecedent as the MurciĆ©lago took almost 5 years to clock these numbers (did someone say we are headed for another recession?).

Lamborghini couldn’t have chosen a better shade to commemorate this occasion with the landmark car draped in the stealthy looking ‘Nero Nemesis’ (matte black) colour. The car was brought by an AT&T executive, who already owns a Lamborghini Gallardo LP-550-2 but was impressed by the Aventador’s performance at a media drive in Florida.

Lamborghini's latest accomplishment comes at a time when V-12 powered supercars are facing a slow death owing to environmental regulations. Available in coupe and roadster guise, the Aventador features a waiting list of more than a year since Lamborghini only manufactures 5 cars per day to maintain exclusivity.

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